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The project

It is about a project which combines faith, devotion and tradition, meant to bring into the world a message of hope, but also the timeless textile art of Bergamo. Since April 2020, the first field cultivated under flax grew in Val Gandino (Bergamo), an event connected to the project "Lino Val Gandino – the fabric, the relic of the world". It is about a local initiative which had the support of the CISS, the International Studies on the Shroud, the only centre in the world recognized by the Papal Custodian of the Shroud. The project aims to restore the crop and the culture of the linen and it allowed to create certified copies in scale 1:1 of the Holy Shroud.

Linen, from its origins to cultivation and weaving

With the aim of creating a sustainable yarn.

The printing process

The Museum of the Shroud in Turin, in collaboration with the International Centre of Studies on the Shroud, has later ordered the printing phases to the EFI Reggiani of Grassobbio headquarters

(Bergamo), one of the most famous worldwide company for the digital printing.

The Shroud

The Shroud is the most studied fabric worldwide, at least since 1898, after the famous photography made by Secondo Pia, who noticed in the negative the picture imprinted in the Holy Linen.

Events & Press

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