A historical journey in the heart of the Seriana Valley

The project Lino Val Gandino implies the realization of a historic tour which will bring to the Via della Lana, the Via Resendenza, Via Carducci in the Municipality of Gandino, Via Ca’ Fragia in Peia until the Pozza del Lino. There will be resting places with information points to show the past and present history of the weaving in Val Gandino, but also strong connections with the Museum of the Basilicata di Gandino and the Weaving Museum of Leffe.
In the first case, besides some ancient machines, one of the biggest world collections of religious yarn, laces and embroideries will be available. In Leffe, on the other hand there will be a complete textile industry, starting from the plants to the functioning vintage machines and an efficient multimedia didactic classroom. 

There are many elements of the history which tie the project of the Lino Val Gandino to the territory. One of them is the connection between the location of the Torri Lana 1885 and the ancient ciodera, one of the last specimens of clotheshorse for the drying of the yarns in Italy, central of the heart of the FAI. The Torri family itself was a main character in the history, through Emma Torri and her husband Mario Franchina, since they arrived in Val Gandino, until the Santuario della Madonna d’Erbia di Casnigo and the cassock of San Giovanni Paolo II Papa. In Gandino the Saio Reliquia of S. Padre Pio from Pietralcina is preserved, since 1940, given to a local family by the Capuchins.

Gandinese families, sacred and holy places